Why do you need Dental X-rays?

As we were planing to do our new Blog, I asked Vicki, our Dental Hygienist: “What is one  of the most common  questions patients ask you?”.   Without hesitation, she said:  “Patients always want to know the reason why we take Dental Xrays”.

Well, Here is what Vicki has to say about this common question:

“As a new Patient, a dentist will take a complete set of Dental X-rays in addition to a Complet e Clinical Exam and a review of  your medical history to determine the conditions of your overall oral Health.  Dental X-Rays can project diseased or damaged teeth that may not be visible in the Clinical Exam.  Depending on the age of a patient and their oral Health concerns, X-rays are typically done on a routine basis. The posterior teeth have optimal locations for bacteria to penetrate.  We use the posterior teeth for mastication or chewing which enables bacteria to concentrate in the deep grooves on top to these teeth and in between where food can get stuck.  Due to the overhwhealming use of soda pop and energy drinks, we have found it to be beneficial to also  x-ray the anterior  teeth in  teens and adults. Our office utilizes digital x-rays cutting down on the patient exposure to radiation.  The amount of radiation is much less than that of the traditional x-rays.  We also ask that the  patient wear a lead-based apron to protect the thyroid gland  and other major organs.  It has been researched that Digital x-rays are the safest innovation that we can offer  our patients.”

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