Healthy Smile = Healthy Body

It’s no secret that smiling more often can keep the body less stressed., but did you know that an unhealthy smile can be unhealthy for our body?

Because the mouth is full of bacteria, both:  good and bad, it is important to keep your “smile” as healthy or as clean as possible.

Brushing after meals and flossing nightly can reduce the amount of bacteria that are wrecking havoc on your dentition and on your body as a whole.  If quantities of bad bacteria are constant in the mouth, they are capable of causing gum irritation and inflammation leading to the introduction of these germs into the body’s blood stream.  Once in the blood stream they can travel throughout the entire  body contributing to the breakdown of your health. Oral Bacteria have been related to numerous diseases such as:  diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, etc.

In short, keep the corners turned up and show off your healthy smile.  It might lead to a longer, healthier lifestyle!

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