The Benefits of Xylitol-Containing Gum

You probably already know about the whole-body and oral benefits of brushing and flossing, but did you know that adding sugar-free gum to your day has many benefits as well?  Most positive effects are reported with chewing 3-4 pieces daily.  Studies show that a sugar substitute called Xylitol can help prevent cavities by stimulating saliva flow.  Saliva helps to wash the oral cavity, as well as neutralize the acidic environment in the mouth that can lead to disease.  Bacteria that live in our mouth love to feed on the yummy foods we consume, but they are unable to digest Xylitol or gain any nutrition from it, so we benefit by starving those bacteria.  The gum can also reduce plaque and stain through the physical action of rubbing against the teeth in the mouth.  In addition, Xylitol helps strengthen the tooth surface and makes it more resistant to cavities.  Xylitol has also been shown to reduce cavities on the root surface of those patients whose roots are exposed to the oral cavity due to recession of the gums and periodontal disease.  So what are you waiting for?  Grab a piece of gum and do something good for your health today!

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