Dental Crowns

Crowns are a common dental procedure to restore a tooth that can no longer be filled because there is not enough tooth structure left.  This is either due to the size of the damage or if the tooth already has a large filling that is broken. A tooth that cannot be repaired by adding filling material will require a crown to give it strength and protect the tooth and nerve. A tooth that has been treated with a root canal usually requires a crown, but there are other reasons a crown may be necessary to restore a tooth.

When a dentist recommends a crown, there is typically a need for the procedure to be completed in a timely manner. When patients wait too long, the tooth can break along the crack line and would need an emergency crown or a root canal. If the tooth splits, it may be too damaged to repair and may need to be extracted.

The procedure for a crown is not complicated, but it does typically require 2 appointments. First, the tooth needs to be prepared and reshaped to fit the crown. An impression will be made and sent to a dental laboratory. A temporary crown will be placed for 10-14 days while the lab prepares the final crown. When it is ready, the final crown will be placed and cemented to the prepared tooth. Crowns are typically made from 3 types of material: full porcelain, full metal, or porcelain fused to metal.

The dentist will typically discuss the need for a crown and explain the different options. Our office would be happy to answer any financial or treatment options. Thank you for trusting us with your care!!!

Dental Crown

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