The Cost of Missed Dental Appointments

Sometimes missing a dental appointment is unavoidable due to a variety of reasons such as illness, emergencies, work/school commitments, or simply forgetfulness. Although emergencies are understandable, habitually missing dental appointments can cause many problems, both for the patient and the dental office.

What does missing a dental appointment mean for the PATIENTS?

When patients miss their appointments, their treatment gets delayed, negatively impacting the end result of the treatment. Gum disease, decay, teeth fractures, impacted wisdom teeth – among others – are examples of problems that will only get worse when delayed.
Your health, number of appointments, comfort, and cost, could all be affected by delayed treatment.

What does missing an appointment mean for the DENTAL OFFICE?

Missed appointments significantly reduce the efficiency and productivity of a dental office and increases its operating cost.
Since time is blocked for each patient, staff and supplies have been reserved for that particular appointment. All the necessary supplies and instruments are ready 24 hours before each patient’s appointment.

Other patients get affected as well. Patients with pending treatment or emergencies, or patients who need a particular time or day, are unable to get in. We haven no way to predict failures or openings in the schedule. By taking up valuable time in the office schedule, patients with pending treatment have to wait several days or weeks to treat their dental problems.

Please help us maintain the efficiency of our office and be respectful to our clinicians and other patients by giving us 48-hour notice of any changes in your schedule and avoid accruing failed appointment fees.

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